Welcome. The fact that you are here means something about the magic of India has got you spellbound. Don’t worry, we intend to make sure you stay enchanted. Our vision is to promote and share the love and diversity of Indian culture and heritage to the world through our beautiful music and love of dance.

Indians are naturally very happy people and we love to exhibit that happiness through the lifting of our voices and the movement of our bodies. Music and dance has been an enduring part of our legacy for the past 8,000 years and it still holds a huge cultural significance within our people today. And that is why the art of music and dance remains a constant theme in our movie and music industry.

And although music and dance is prevalent, Indian vintage songs and classical dance steps are fading away into the annals of history. This is as a result of modernity, the rapid change in society, and the constant immigration of Indians to other parts of the world for the purposes of education and the quest for a better quality of life.

Obviously, this has reduced the passing down of historical culture from one generation to the next. And ours is a culture that is self-taught – physically passed down from one generation to the next, from mother to daughter and father to son. Nonetheless, modernity and technology need not be weapons for the destruction of Indian heritage. This is why we at Surdwhani have harnessed the modern digital transformation to to create this platform where any Indian, and lover of Indian culture can learn about the songs and dance-steps of our ancestors from ages past.

If you want to binge on historical Indian culture, or you want to impress friends, family and loved ones with your in-depth knowledge of ancient Indian heritage, then look no further because this is the best place you ever clicked on to start. We have amassed an amazing volume of information on our website that will help you in your quest to be the next Sonal Mansingh or Ravi Shankar.

Our resources are specially curated to give you the basic concepts of Indian classical music and dance, while introducing you to the dazzling array of the various ideas of the Indian music and dance art form. So feel free to explore our website and learn our culture. We promise to keep you hooked for a lifetime.